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Function Packages

The Zeus Party Package

The Zeus Party Package ensures that you get the works on your special night.

Your package includes:
The Band Zeus featuring Con on Vocals. 
Master of Ceremony, Lighting & Sound System.


The Zeus Ulitimate Package

Start your special day with your own private ensemble at your home. That really ignites the atmosphere before the ceremony.


The Ultimate Package includes the Zeus Party Package plus a pre-wedding ensemble consisting of Bouzouki, Vocals and Acoustic Guitar.


But Beware!!, this package is only suitable for those who have the stamina to party from morning til night!

Multi Combo Pack

Choose the Multi Combo Pack and let us work out what you'll need at your show. 

Catering for all size groups small or large, we can mix it up offering a multi group solution to make it right on the night and to suit your needs.

With over 45 years experience, we offer all the right stuff to get your party going!!

Your guaranteed high energy, lots of Kefi, and a great long song list to match!!

Talk to us about a Multi Combo... You'll be guaranteed to make your next function a hit!

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